Friday, November 12, 2010

Caution: Coffee is Hot

This is the back of the admissions building at the college, and these are two of my Creative Writing students. Hi, Adrian and Minuet!

This perspective (click on the photo to enlarge it) does not completely show the fact that the three exhaust vents above Adrian and Minuet are stamped with poster sized letters, in all caps, that say "HOT"; the vents with warnings are actually about 5 feet above my students' heads. Nor can you clearly see that someone (probably at the direction of their goofy teacher) would actually have to walk across nearly eight feet of mulch and shrubbery in order to get to the wall.

This raises a few questions: Just how damn tall are the people that this "HOT" warning is intended for? Are we expecting an influx of uber height giantoid students? If so, won't we need to raise the height of all the doorways and urinals? Shouldn't we also place a sign down in the shrubbery area that says "Do Not Plant Magic Beans"?

Thank you, McDonald's hot coffee law suit person. This is your absurd legacy for our society.

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