Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chapel Hill Monologue

Over the weekend, I took my son, who is 8, to Chapel Hill for his first ever in person Tarheel experience. We went to see a basketball game Friday night. Saturday I took him to a few of my old favorite places, such as The Forest Theatre pictured here.

We took the Park & Ride bus to the game Friday night when he immediately took center stage and struck up the following "conversation" with a random woman on the bus:

I'm going to the Tarheels basketball game. This is my first game ever. That's why I'm so excited. But I was born a Tarheel. I was born in the hospital here. I wish we still had Tyler Hansbrough, but he is in the pros now, so I am cheering for Harrison Barnes. I thought he was white with a boring first name like Harrison, but he is actually brown, and he is sooooo awesome. My dad went to college here, didn't you dad? And he went to the School of Science and Math, but now he is a Professor of English which is just plain weird. I mean he teaches English but he did Math. That's just plain crazy. We are going to eat junk food at the game. My dad is off his diet for tonight, so we can have pizza and popcorn and stuff at half-time. I got a lot of candy for Halloween, but my dad sneaks in there after I go to bed and eats all the good stuff, especially the chocolate bars. How fair is that? It should be illegal. It is so unfair that grown ups get to eat your candy when you worked your butt off walking around ALL NIGHT LONG trick-or-treating. Don't you think so? And what kind of diet is that anyway?


  1. Loved it! I'm betting the woman on the bus, and everybody within earshot, was laughing outloud!

  2. Yeah, and you can't exactly yell at your kid to shut up in front of 40 people packed onto a Tar Heel Express bus.