Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tell Me How You Really Feel

At my college, the end of year institutional climate survey indicated that many people felt there was a divide between faculty and staff and that, in general, communication between various college areas was lacking.

I beg to differ.

Now I am considered by most to be a pretty smart guy. I have written 25 page papers on topics such as the marginalization of the subaltern in post-colonial societies as represented in the literature of Alice Walker or the psychological journey from a state of divisiveness to a state of unity of mind and body by characters in the works of D.H. Lawrence.

As a part of my college's re-accreditation team, I have attended conferences in Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida where I investigated best assessment practices, general education competencies, student learning outcomes, etc. I use this knowledge to help our college grow and meet the ever changing needs of higher education.

I've even got two fancy degrees (which reside at home in a box in a closet somewhere) from major universities.

But as Momma Gump always says, "Stupid is as stupid does." So despite my alleged intelligence, when staff members at my college tell me what a complete dumb ass I am (just in nicer words than that) for not being able to correctly fill out a certified mail return receipt, I can only conclude that we do not suffer from a lack of communication and that, at least in my case, people feel quite comfortable letting faculty know when they are morons.

Mr. Roughton, please go sit in the corner.


  1. U jus need 2 brushup on yo street smartz, thatsall.

  2. My street smarts are fine. I mean I'm pretty sure I don't need to be able to send certified mail if I am ever hanging out in the hood. lol

  3. Eh, people always need to find something to complain about!

  4. what shell said :P i say FUCK 'EM!! people suck.

    thanks for stopping by my bloggy, and omg single father, i so admire that. my friend is also a single father but he has issues about it. like... i think it's killing him and he HAS to have a woman in his life or hes all OMGIMADRAMAQUEEN!! xD Although he hasn't chased a girl in a while so I guess he's getting used to it.

    I has added your bloggy to mah feed readerrrrrrrrrrr!!

  5. Following back from Bubble Gum On My Shoe, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Ahem, I am already a follower...left you a comment little while back (found you on 'I love you to the Moon', Mommy's blog)

    Way to do your research. And, I'm totally kidding. You have a great blog, I enjoy reading. Keep it up. Lol, nice comment about the hood and certified mail:)

  6. Hey dean, I was curious; a comment on my blog requesting a follow from a bloke (that's what we can a "man" downunder) - i don't have too many blokey readers so I thought I'd better check it out just in case. Yep, you're a funny guy. I thought your Osama post was FUNNEEE.
    So I went ahead and followed. OK?

  7. Thanks for the follow, Simoney! Forgive my American ignorance but what does this mean? "a Kiwi girl married to a Geordie"