Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Messages to Random People This Week

  • In my rear view mirror, I can see your handicapped parking permit, but you seem to be misinformed. My bumper is not a designated handicapped parking spot.
  • "Extra" credit implies you already did something to be awarded initial credit.
  • REALLY nice rims! They go well with the bondo all over your left quarter panel, and the smoking exhaust is a nice touch.
  • Telling your kid "If you calm down, mommy will get you a surprise" just encourages WalMart to give your kid free sugar when you walk in the door.
  • If you work a cash register, you might want to learn how to count change. Perhaps, you could look into taking preschool math.
  • You call yourself a blogger? Your last post was over a month ago! Oh, wait...that's me.
  • Putting a sign up to keep yourself out of the snack cabinet does not do much good to keep you out of your kid's Halloween candy sitting on the counter. Oh, wait...that's me again. (You would think I would have learned from LAST YEAR.)


  1. OMG, you are so right about the counting change. How hard is it when the register even tells you how much to give back?

  2. lol and don't even ask me how much change you are suppose to give me. We can stay here all day till you figure it out. Just like when my son was 3...

  3. That change thing happened to me AT WALMART! The cashier was trying to give me $500 dollars back, although my total was $35 and I gave her $36, but she typed in $536. Lord help us all, and the people of Wal-mart.

  4. Cari, my favorite is when you give them over the amount, so you can get an even $5 or $10 bill back instead of a bunch of ones. That really freaks them out. lol

  5. Hi Dean, just stumbled upon your blog, (though not literally)which is extremely funny.

    I would be following you (again, not literally) but my followers widget has decided, in it's wisdom that it doesn't want to perform that task anymore.

    So until Blogger sorts this out, I have you booked marked and can't wait to aquaint myself with some more of your posts.

  6. Hi Lily, perhaps your widget is on an early holiday. Thanks for bookmarking and do be careful stumbling around blogs. Some of them have pointy edges.