Thursday, November 15, 2012

Throat Gonorrhea Crisis Averted

Ok, everyone you can hold off on your orders of cherry flavored throat condoms. It is official. I do NOT have throat gonorrhea.

I DO officially have strep throat for which I just received some meds. I got a brand new, handy, dandy Z-Pak to take care of the infection since I'm allergic to penicillin.

I also got a couple of days' worth of Hydrocodon for pain. (By the way, I did learn that one of the symptoms of throat gonorrhea is blurred vision, so you can use this picture as an indicator to see whether or not you need to get checked out for that.)

Now, since I am quite the responsible adult (shut up), I read all the warning labels. As it turns out, I cannot even start taking the freaking pain pills until I find out whether or not I am pregnant. (41 is still "of childbearing age" right?")

So until I go buy a freaking Clearblue easy (cause blue is purty), I will have to suffer in  pain. Can I never get a break in life?!?!


  1. Uh oh! That pic looks blurry to me. Crap!

  2. You my friend,are hilarious!

  3. That pic is looking pretty blurry, are you getting kick backs from the STD pharmaceutical company? Well, fingers crossed you're not pregnant, although which is worse gonorrhea of the throat or a dude that's pregnant? Toss up.

  4. Cari, you only have your fingers crossed because you don't want to pay me child support! lol Btw, that is one sexy mustache. It makes me think you have a damsel tied to a railroad track somewhere and are currently practicing your evil muahahahah laugh. ;)

  5. Love your blog. I've had a good few chuckles reading some of your posts.

  6. Thanks, Lanthie. Sorry this in only like a million years late, but for some reason my comments notification did not tell me you were here. :(