Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Just Say “No” to Dating Dean

Ok, so it has been a year since I last posted on the blog. Sure, I have written quite a few articles for The Scuppernong Gazette since then, but my lazy ass has not actually blogged. So what has prompted my return to the web today?

Well, a couple of things actually:

1. I was in a meeting today, and someone brought up a story from my past. Another person who was not employed at COA a couple of years ago found it funny and said, “You should write a book with all your stories.” 

Been there done that, but yeah, she was right. I need to write more non-work stuff.  My friend, Ginger among others, has been after me a long time to do so.

And B.  I had a conversation today with a friend of mine who was expressing gratitude that she is married and, therefore, does not have to subject herself to the horrors of the dating life anymore. During that conversation, she mentioned having told a single friend about possibly introducing her to me – to which the friend responded, “Why? So I can find out all the reasons why I shouldn’t date him?”

That struck me as both supremely funny and as a testament to the trials of dating as a single parent. If you have already been through the whole long term relationship or marriage thing, you have a career, AND you are a single parent to boot, then the whole dating thing sometimes feels like all the energy and effort involved are not even worth it. 

In fact, I can think of numerous times when I have had a similar jaded response as my friend’s friend when someone has mentioned introducing me to a friend:  Is this whole thing even worth it? Wouldn’t it be easier to just go order the kind of pizza I like, watch a movie of my own choosing, and have a conversation with myself so at least I know it will be interesting?